- Completely disassemble, clean and carefully inspect all parts for damage,

   corrosion and wear.

- Replace any parts as appropriate.

- Reassemble and test.


Visual Inspection



- Inspect to standards of Professional Scuba Inspectors, Inc. (PSI)

- If appropriate, use an eddy current device to further evaluate the threads.

- Clean the neck/valve threads, lubricate and install new O-ring.

- Re-install valve on cylinder, and test for leaks.

- Affix evidence of inspection decal.


hydrostatic test



- Test the cylinder at a DOT-authorized hydrostatic test facility.

- Rinse cylinder interior and thoroughly dry.

This service normally combined with a visual inspection is $50


interior tumble


- Dry tumble cylinder with abrasive appropriate for cylinder composition.

- Blow out cylinder with high pressure air to remove all dust.

Cylinder and Valve
Oxygen service
Plus cost of a
Nitrox fill @ $12


- Wash cylinder interior with environmentally safe detergents to remove
   hydrocarbon contamination.
- Rinse cylinder interior and thoroughly dry.
- Completely disassemble valve, clean and carefully inspect all parts for
   damage, corrosion and wear.
- Replace any parts as appropriate; always replace the burst disk and
   all O-rings using oxygen-compatible products.

Regulator PM,
per stage

Plus cost of parts kits


- Maintain 1st and 2nd stage, additional 2nd stage, SPG and BCD Hose end.

- Completely disassemble, clean and carefully inspect all parts for damage,

   corrosion and wear.

- Replace any parts as appropriate; always replace all soft parts and seats.

- Assemble, test and tune to factory specifications.

- Check the submersible pressure gauge for accuracy across a range of pressures.
- Inspect the high-pressure swivel and replace O-rings.
- Inspect all hoses, clean and lubricate the BCD hose end.
Note: pricing is per stage. For example, a regulator with a 1st stage, 2nd stage
and alternate 2nd stage would be a total of three regulator stages with 3 parts kits.

Computer battery
Plus cost of battery


- Inspect O-ring and replace if appropriate.

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